Saturday, October 23, 2010

Promote safe new account Rising 2008

Sept. 4 news release information security vendors Rising Rising Antivirus 2008 free trial version, focusing on the safe introduction of account features, to prevent Trojan horse attacks and steal Daohao. Late last month, another security software company also introduced a new army Qihoo similar function software.

According to Rising, currently provided by Rising Antivirus 2008 free trial version is fully functional, the official release, these users can upgrade to the official version, and enjoy at least 3 months of free updates.

According to Rising Anti-virus experts, this version of the greatest technological highlight is the "safe account" feature, which is the active defense technology extension of the new technology application mode, the user simply online games, online banking, chatting, stocks and other software into the "safe account", the Rising would effectively prevent Trojan horse attacks and steal Daohao.

This feature is currently available to protect more than 30 kinds of popular software, including online games

Mir, journey, and IM software QQ, MSN and so on. It is learned that the official release will protect hundreds of popular software models.

According to reports, Rising "safe account" automatically shield the five commonly used malicious Trojan behavior, including into the DLL, the memory has been tampered with, injected code, hang, and force the end of the program. Users also need to select more protection under the rules. Software protection, the Rising through active defense system will be real-time monitoring of all the unsafe behavior, automatically be screened.

Rising the sources, is currently working with major software companies, banks,

Securities companies and Internet companies collaborate to expand the "safe account" the scope of the protection software, and strive to cover all the related software products user account password.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brocade "audit Stars" Audit of a new career model in China

The Hai Boke Information Co., Ltd. Since 1998, the launch of China's first set of audit monitoring system "audit Star" in the next 10 years, Brocade people put a great deal of enthusiasm and effort, has been formed including Star of the audit remote real-time monitoring network version, educational, verification systems Single / Network Edition, economic business software, infrastructure software, auditing business intelligence analysis system, including extensive product lines. "Audit of the Stars" to help verify the audit staff in audit, financial data management, analysis, auditing, management analysis, remote real-time monitoring and other related audit work, and in the petrochemical, manufacturing, finance, transportation, real estate, coal, administrative undertakings and other more than 30 industries in the successful implementation of end-user application, accumulated a great deal for the Chinese national conditions and experience of the audit profession, audit control information in China model products industry.

Recently, the Brocade "audit Stars" real-time remote monitoring network audit system audit of information security in the capital, the successful on-line engineering building, its construction in the audit information has been a breakthrough in the Institute of Internal Auditors, including China, public security Department of Audit, Internal Audit and Control Association and the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau in Beijing and other experts, the Audit Office, highly consistent; Internal Audit Asia Conference 2007, Brocade has been invited as the only participants audit software vendors, and with world-renowned accounting firm Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, shared the award committee awarded the honor. During the meeting, Li Jinhua, Auditor General National Audit Office on behalf of a cordial meeting with Brocade, the Brocade highly affirmed the information in the audit work; recently, Brocade has reached an agreement with Shanghai Jingan District SASAC, the audit of its building control information systems, and this was the pilot, and promote audit monitoring system in each SAC application.

Brocade "audit Star" can be a number of government agencies, enterprises and institutions unanimously approved depends entirely on the "Star of the audit," an advanced technology infrastructure, strong product functionality and improve the development and implementation services. As so far only set of pure B / S architecture audit monitoring system, Brocade "audit Star" to achieve the auditor's audit client application without installing any software or plug-in, only with the current mainstream operating system, browser or audit operations and enables real-time monitoring, and can not access the server to support client offline, reconnect to the network automatically upload the generated off-line audit to verify the information, work papers and other data; the same time, "the audit Star" Construction of full compliance with the rules of the latest national auditing standards. Operator input error, "the audit Star" will automatically pop-up prompts, to regulate the error operation guide, and will refuse to enforce violations; in software development for many years to promote the audit practice, Brocade train a group of system analysis, system design, system implementation, experienced professionals, the audit of the introduction of advanced concepts and the practical needs of Chinese companies combining research and development strategy has been to go in the domestic front.

As the first brand audit software, Brocade "audit Star" will help auditors minus a lot of unnecessary mistakes, part of the audit in time to prevent possible loopholes to help government agencies, enterprises and institutions to reduce unnecessary human , material, financial losses. Meanwhile, Brocade will continue to promote China's information technology audit, help the cause of China's audit have done.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why "Chinese made" did not engage in head

According to our understanding of Chinese language programming are mainly two: one is the classic country of Chinese programming Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. "Chinese made", another great Wu Tao is the easy language of Dalian Software Development Co., Ltd. "easy language." Jian Hui students for the "Chinese made", the "Chinese made" criticizes discredited by a few. And see "Chinese made" in response, not the personal attacks that tamper with the concept, even loaded bitch, ugly full. "Chinese made" in response to them, Emblem Sword of the places where I do not refute that, I would like to talk about some other place easily confuse people.

In response, the "Chinese made" response, kept saying that the sword emblem "Chinese malicious programming," "serious damage to the reputation of the Chinese language programming," but in fact the language is not easy to involve them. "Chinese made" just a product, Chinese programming is a concept the industry (and perhaps not really technical terms). Criticism of the "Han Code" does not mean that criticism of Chinese programming. The "Han d" flag to do pull tiger skin packaging itself as "bite the bullet" of the national hope, returned to the critics labeled as "anti-China" label, this posture programming language with a difference of 108 000 compared to thousands of miles.

So, "Han made" with the Chinese does, but also programming, how is that fake out? The problem is this "Chinese made" a number of technical content. In fact, as long as a few # define, can be used to writing C programs. This does not also "Programming Language"? Such "Chinese programming" has an ass with! From the "Chinese made" and the comparison of Forth code can be seen, "Chinese made" simply replace the keyword, it is not their own syntax, # define out of this with the "Chinese programming" is a routine, and "Speaking of programming," the word used in "Chinese made" on it is just right. No technical content of this tactic, really, "led the localization of computer technology", "Chinese people can make their own programming" it? You blow it.

The development of a programming language, to rely on state money support if it is not the future. Ruby does not take a penny from the Japanese government, not still hot? "Chinese made" also known as a decade, was the result? Do not even own syntax. No one doubts that using "Chinese made" can not make something out of the question is who is willing to use keywords in Chinese and English grammar to organize the code, who can read. The so-called "national identification" is shit, what the leadership of this 蹇芥偁, no component for the industry. UOF is no "national standard", several people have seen UOF editing tools and UOF document?

"Chinese made" recently tried to divert people's attention, on its own did not refer, but propagandizing "the idea of Chinese closer to the computer language", much to win over the meaning of innocent young cynics. This is a pass nonsense. Not to mention that the article full of mistakes professional knowledge, issues its foothold there. The implementation of a computer program by the logic, but logic is the humanity, and has nothing to do with what human language. Chinese is not much closer than the English, "logic", not yet seen, after the Chinese learned English becomes confused. "Yin Yang Yin Yang Yin Yang?" Go to hell.

Regardless of the "Han Code" number of tactics out, IT people's eyes are discerning. Country classic "Chinese made", is simply a tool for financial fraud 蹇芥偁 leadership in the industry but a poor clown. Real Chinese programming not impossible, but very long way. I hope the Chinese language programming can find the true direction, not because such a fraud and misled.


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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Set number format to solve such problems arise when

1. Figures do not show up or not to conduct operations in digital form

If the number of left-aligned in the cell, and modified the default alignment (the default mode for the conventional), then the figures are entered as text or format. To change it to numerical form, need to proceed as follows.

Select is set to "conventional" digital format cell. If you can not determine the format of the cell, run the "Format" menu in the "cell" command, and then in the pop-up dialog box, click the "digital" tab. In the "Category" box, click the "General", then click "OK" button.

In the selected cell, type "1", then press the Enter key. Click the cell, and then click the "Format" toolbar "Copy" button. Selected with the "text" as the copy number of target cells in the cell, the implementation of the "Edit" menu "Paste Special" in the pop-up dialog box select the "x", then click "OK" button.

2. How to display leading zeros in numbers with zero or after

Users can use a custom number format to retain the leading figures in the input with zero or after the zero, first select the cell you want to format. Click the "Format" menu "cell" command, and then click the "digital" tab. Select "Category" list "Custom" option. In the "Type" box, edit the number format codes to create the required format.

Edit internal format does not remove the format.

3. The number of set text format

Select the cells you want to format, click the "Format" menu in the "cell" command, and then click the "digital" tab. In the "Category" list, click the "text", then click "OK" button. Thus, the format has been set up to enter the cell number will be processed as text.

4. Decimal point appear in the input of all data

Implementation of the "Tools" menu in the "Options" command, click the "Edit" tab, then clear the "Automatically set the decimal point" check box. Figures have been entered from the removal of the decimal point, can the number 10 raised to a power multiplied by a number. To remove the decimal point according to a different location, in a blank cell, enter, such as 10,100, or 1,000 of such figures. For example, if a certain number contains two decimal places and need the whole number, at a blank cell, enter 100, then copy the cell, then select the cell containing the decimal Di (Xuanding all cells must be yes Xiang Lin's ), click the "Edit" menu "Paste Special" command, and then click the "take."

5. Enter the text or other data in the cells did not show

There are two solutions:

鈶?reset the number format

The format of the cell may be set to hide data. To remove the designation may affect the value displayed in digital format, can first select the cell, and then click the "Format" menu in the "cell" command, and then click the "digital" tab, in the "Category" list, single Click the "General."

鈶?check the background and text colors

If the cell text color and background color are the same, the cell will not see anything, then you can change the background color or change the text color.


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

R accounting economics foundation (3)

Enterprises engaged in activities is the allocation of resources, optimize the allocation of resources accumulated through their own values, can not optimize the allocation of resources companies will lose their value, and ultimately survive.
R reflects the enterprise resource allocation accounting process, measured the effectiveness of configuration activities, relying on networks of science, reject the traditional accounting assumptions, objectively reflect the owners and workers together to create business value in reality.
Example: 1 million in cash equity financing. 200 000 purchase cash back products 210 000 (with discounts), while recovery of goods sold 150,000 170,000 payment in cash.

(1) financing 1 million.

N = (S, T; F)
S = (s0); s0 = cash
T = (t0); t0 = equity financing or shareholder
F = ((t0, s0)); (t0, s0) = equity financing process or cycle
危 = (N, K, W, M, V)
K = (k0); K value is tentatively scheduled for infinity.
W = (w0); w0 = 100
M = (m0); m0 = 100
V = (v0); v0 = 100;

Resource allocation process view:

(2) connected to the step, to pay back the cash purchase of goods 200 000 210 000 (with discounts), while recovery of goods sold 150,000 170,000 payment in cash.

N = (S, T; F)
S = (s0, s1); s1 = commodities
T = (t0, t1, t2); t1 = Procurement; t2 = sales
F = ((t0, s0) (s0, t1) (t1, s1) (s1, t2) (t2, s0))
(S0, t1), (s1, t2) = pay, transferring
(T1, s1), (t2, s0) = acquisition, revenue
危 = (N, K, W, M, V)
K = (k0, k1)
W = (w0, w1, w2, w3, w4)
w1 = 20; w2 = 21; w3 = 15; w4 = 17
M = (m0, m1, m2)
m0 = 100-20 = 80; m1 = 21-15 = 6; m2 = 17
V = (v0, v1, v2)
v0 = 100; v1 = 21-20 = 1; v2 = 17-15 = 2

Resource allocation process view:

M = m0 + m1 + m2 = 80 +6 +17 = 103
V = v0 + v1 + v2 = 100 +1 +2 = 103
R accounting identity: M = V = interest in the stock of the resource stock

The value of business owners and workers is a step by step through optimizing the allocation of resources to accumulated results.
From the graph you can see, business interests = owner's equity + labor rights


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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Merry CDA DVD-Audio M4P to WAVE Cloner

Merry CDA DVD-Audio M4P to WAVE Cloner is a cool and portable OGG Player. Merry CDA DVD-Audio M4P to WAVE Cloner supports CDDB auto-grabbing, It has some cool tools such as ID3 tag editor and DanDans OGG player. It can play OGG MP3 WAV WMA CD ASF MID MID RMI KAR and has standard functions to control your playback. Convert wav to MP3, CD, CDA, CD-R, DVD-Audio, AAC, AC3, ID3, M3U, M4A, M4P, MP3 ID3 Tag, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA, MP2, APE, VQF, MPC, AMR, Midi, WAVE, and RM. Take up the very few system resources. Convert wav to WMA. Supports the multi-threaded operation of copying a CD and generating mp3 files at the same time.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Christmasgift DVD Creator

Christmasgift DVD Creator is an easy-to-use and high speed All-in-One DVD creator and DVD burner. It can converts ALL formats of video files directly to DVD disk, including DivX, Xvid, AVI, MPEG, WMV, QuickTime, Real Video format, etc. With only a few clicks, you can convert your internet video collection to a DVD R/RW disk and then replay your collection on your home DVD player/car DVD player. Share your collection with your family, your friends on TV. It supports both NTSC and PAL TV standards. It supports both 4:3 TV and 16:9 widescreen TV. It already includes DVD encoder and DVD burner. You don't need any other software to make it work. The copied disc works well with most DVD player, being completely same as the DVD movie you bought. Now you can enjoy Hollywood film at home now!

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